Tattoo Galleries


Tattoo Portfolio

Derek Crockett specializes in all types of tattoos. We have broken down the portfolio into a variety of categories to cover a variety of genres.

African American – features tattoo work for people of color.

Asian – features tattoos of Asian styling.

Blackwork – features artwork using primarily black ink for the tattoos.

Celtic – is a gallery of Celtic styled tattoos.

Color – shows a variety of full-color tattoos by Derek Crockett.

Micro – showcases Derek’s skill at performing miniature tattoos.

Modern – is a gallery of modern styled tattoos.

Script – is the place to go to see a wide range of script styles for your wordy tattoos.

Traditional – is the gallery to view Derek Crockett’s tattoo work of a more traditional style.

Tribal – features a selection of tribal styled tattoos.

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